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Integrating VGX in top projects 

About VFX Foundation Grants

The VGX Foundation leads the evolution of decentralized gaming economies through its dynamic blockchain-based gaming token, VGX. Serving as an in-game currency and reward mechanism, VGX empowers diverse gaming communities.

We actively foster growth by facilitating grants and partnerships for game developers and platforms, enabling the expansion of the token’s use case and nurturing a thriving VGX ecosystem.

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How does it work?

While applications are open to all, the VGX Foundation grants program prioritizes projects with a strong focus on gaming with Web3 principles that demonstrably add value to VGX. 

Our grants program relies on you, the applicant, to draft the initial framework of the grant terms. We believe nobody knows your business better than you. We want to learn about the key milestones driving your business, major developments on your roadmap, and how the VGX Foundation can contribute to your success.

This grant extends beyond mere funding; it signifies the beginning of a partnership that includes financial, technical, marketing, and various other forms of support. The details you provide in your grant proposal, particularly through your key milestones, lay the groundwork for our partnership and help us direct you to other support programs if needed.

Grant Structure

The grant's framework relies on a series of phases, linked to the milestone sets, and how they influence the allocation criteria. Once the grant is submitted, there are three potential outcomes: approval, feedback, or rejection. However, our aim is to assist you in crafting the optimal grant proposal. Additionally, we have established a communication framework.

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In the initial call, we acquaint ourselves with you, your project, and team, addressing any queries about the application process. The second call reviews your grant if approved, providing necessary feedback. Post-approval, the third call sets deadlines for your milestone set and discusses tranche distribution.

You can learn more about previous VGX grant recipients on our Games page.

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